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About The Slowgate Hostel

Slowgate Hostel is like a rare gem for those whocome visiting Gdansk. Its location is what keeps visitors coming to this placeevery time they are in town. It will only take you 8 minutes to get to GreenGate. You are only 500m from the famous Marina Gdansk. That proximity to two ofthe greatest attractions in the city makes this place a must-stay.

If you arelooking for an accommodation spot that comes with the perks of great places tovisit, top of the shelf dining restaurants, and an easy way to move around thecity; Slowgate Hostel is the place for you. Once you get and experience what ison offer; you will thank me later.The rooms will make you feel right at home once youstep in. There is everything you need for comfort and convenience. You mightdecide on staying longer than you had planned once you get to experience thecourtesy of this hostel. There is plenty of space in each room. Though they aresimply decorated, you will appreciate the effort that has gone to make theplace such a welcome.

Some units have a clear view of the city. You do not needto physically visit the heart of Gdansk as you can comfortably see it from adistance. A kettle and dishwasher will be provided for you. You will not need to leave your room early to grabbreakfast in the nearby restaurants. Breakfast is served on site. A buffet isone of the choices you can go for. There is also a vegetarian breakfast if thatis your thing.

As you treat yourself to the warmth of the first meal of theday, there is free Wi-Fi to keep you busy or let those at home know you aredoing great. While here, there are plenty of things to do and see.Green Gate is a few minutes of walk from the hostel. Marina Gdansk is justaround the corner. Long Market is only 800m away.

You have a full basket ofgreat places to see, enjoy yourself to the fullest, and plenty of stories totell your friends back at home. According to independent reviews, Slowgate Hostel isthe perfect spot for couples. It offers some of the great places for two tovisit. Do not forget to sample the city’s nightlife. You will love how visitorsand locals alike get down to party in style. Typical for Polish cities, thereare parties throughout the week and you should make some time for one.
Disclaimer: This is not the official website of the accomodation.

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